How to make an aquarium tube/shark tunnel! Difficulty: 1.5/10 🟩

Have you ever walked into an aquarium with those tubes where you can walk through to see the animals?
Very cool right? Well in this guide you will learn how to make on in gimkit creative!

Here are the steps!

step 1 to 3.

First you would need to add a barrier and set to this color

Second you would adjust the visibility to 0.2

Third you would need to set collision to off.

step 4 to 6.

You would need to duplicate this and set the shape and make sure to turn on collision :boom: for this one!

Add the terrain seen in this image. The one area high liter in red should be water terrain but set it to wall.

7 to 9

Now add fishes with text box and type in fish emoji because gimkit does not have a singular fish by its self.

Ok now now add another barrier. Do everything circle in red.

collision off!:boom:

And last add the barrier to the base! It would look like if it is under water

Here is a different and more colorful version!
First replace the water with sand and you could layer the sand.
Second you need to add corals.
Last you should put the barrier back on and now it looks like it is under water. :droplet:

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Ooh! This looks really cool!

Imagine a shark there, lol. That would be so cool!

Really cool guide! Very creative!


Yeah, I like this! Very creative!

I like this! A shark would be epic


Yess is there a guide on how to make a shark?

I haven’t seen one yet, but I’ve been off the forums for a while so I wouldn’t know.

I searched, I couldn’t find one so far.

Great guide by the way!

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It really is an amazing guide!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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I can, with certainty say, I will use this in so many maps.

Yeah, this is really good. I never figured out how to add emojis though.

Yeah, this might be good for a fishtopia map

You open a text device, then type the emoji.

Ok. thank you! this helps me out a lot!

I just found out it is called a shark tunnel. But no guild on how to make a shark. :sob:

Nice skin!

I think maybe you could just substitute a shark emoji for now. :shark:

To answer your question,