How to make an animated spike trap

Now, there are probably lots of tutorials about traps on the GKC forum. However, I have made an animated spike trap, that not only comes out of the ground but damages the player.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 Metal Signs
  • 1 Laser Beam
  • 2 Barriers
  • 1 Trigger (or zone, both work in this instance.)
  • 1 Wire Repeater
    Screenshot 2024-04-15 9.50.55 AM

First, we’re going to start with the area that the spikes come out of. Click on one of the barriers and add these settings.

(Note that both barriers should have the same settings, except for color.)
The colors for the barriers are (0,0,0) and (89,66,13).

Once you have that, change the size of the barriers, and place them on top of each other so it looks like this:

Now, we can work on the spikes. Click on one of the Metal Signs and add these settings.

Next, change the size of the signs rotate them, and place them on the two barriers like so:

We are now halfway done with the spikes. Now, we are going to add the stuff that makes the spikes pop up and damage the player. To start, click on the Laser Beam and configure these settings:

Once that is done, shrink the Laser Beam so it fits behind the spikes without being visible. It should look like this:
Screenshot 2024-04-15 10.04.43 AM
(For the spikes, make sure the Laser Beam is around the same color as the signs so it is not as visible. I am using the red color for the tutorial only.)
Now the main component of the spikes is finished, we can work on the mechanism for them. Click on the Trigger and apply these settings.

This will activate everything for the spikes. Now click on the Wire Repeater and set the delay to 0.3 seconds.

This is how long the spikes will stay up. Now, it is time to wire everything together. To start, wire the Wire Repeater to the individual spikes like this:

Then, wire the Repeater to the Laser Beam like so:

Finally, wire the Trigger to the Wire Repeater like this:

Now you are done and have a fully working spike trap that damages the player while also being animated.


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