How to make an american football field

I checked this time, and no one has mad a guide exactly like this one. I know this caused arguments in past posts, so I made sure to check this time.

This will be VERY big, but that’s to be expected since its a football field.

a football fields dimensions are 120 x 53 1/2 yards, we are going to round up to 55 yards to be simpler.

1 block = 1 yard
I suggest putting a single asphalt road block (4th layer)to mark each 10 blocks, making them easier to count.
then put another block between every block 5 blocks between lengthwise (NOT UPWARDS)a
it will be 120 blocks length wise, and 55 blocks height wise.

Repeat this for the top and the right
we will remove the circles later

This is the most tedious part by far.
Fill in the entire area of the field with grass. (3rd layer)
This step might take a while

use blastball court tiles(4th layer) to make a line from every single dot length ways, all the way back to the top to make the yard lines
(except on the last one on each side)
you can also get rid of all the asphalt blocks
If you just now realize you messed up your spacing, you’re cooked :skull:

line the outside of the field with blastball blocks as well
(If you want, you can add grass under the outline the get rid of the gaps. NOT NECESSARY)

Now its time to make the numbers with concrete blocks(5th layer).
(we are going to put the numbers in the middle, because I because I think everyone can agree, it’s too tedious to do the top numbers upside down.)


Screenshot 2024-04-25 4.25.22 PM


Screenshot 2024-04-25 4.25.55 PM


Screenshot 2024-04-25 4.26.37 PM


Screenshot 2024-04-25 4.27.00 PM


Screenshot 2024-04-25 4.27.24 PM

(!! remember to mirror the numbers on the opposite side starting form the left every other line: 10 20 30 40 50 40 30 20 10)

we will use blue plastic on the left side, and red plastic on the right side. Though you can really use any color you want

Time For the Field Goal
You will need:
metal pole x4(the first one that shows up when you search “metal pole”
First, make it about as big as this:

Then, change the color to yellow. you can get the exact color by putting: 255, 247, 0 into the rgb

now get the 3 other poles and position them like this:

:exclamation: MAKE SURE ON THE TOP 3 :exclamation: 3 to change the settings so that they don’t cast a shadow, and that they have no collision. KEEP THE ORIGINAL SETTINGS FOR THE BOTTOM ONE.
Copy and paste to the other side, and you’re good!

I tried my best on this guide, and I tried to go on the simpler side to save memory.
It still takes A LOT of memory, about 19% on mine, so its not the best to incorporate into a casual map, more like a game based around football.



oh wait wrong sport


cool! you can make a passing feature with it, idk about throwing but yeah, pretty cool. Nice guide!


FOOTBALL is da g.o.a.t sport.


Mainly supposed to be aesthetic, people can add their own mechanics later

alright, still pretty cool tho!

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maybe it can be like this

everyone free for all but property distinguishes team, so pseudo teaming

the person with the baller is slower, if someone on his team is tagging him, it activates a pass thing. But after a second, it goes away.

If a other team player tags him, then they steal it.

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That’s a good idea!
I’m not actually making a football game, I just made this guide for people who are

And he scores a slam dunk into the goal! What a great game of field tennis. Look at those pins fall!

Are you British or smthn :skull:

Why would you think that?
I was saying a sentence to trigger sports fans. I am AMERICAN

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"Spreading democracy with this one! :speaking_head: :fire: :fire: :oil_drum: :oil_drum: :airplane: :firecracker: :exploding_head: "

ok I’ma stop being off topic, maybe we got too excited lol. But this is a great guide! I’m gonna go now though, cya.

I mean, a meter is about a yard, so the approximation is pretty accurate.

"Uhm actually, a meter is about 3.4 inches longer then a yard :nerd_face: "

"Quite a big difference, as if you have 10 meters, and 10 yards, the meters will be 34 inches longer in total :nerd_face: "

but yeah, a meter is about a yard. So pretty accurate.

It’s actually almost .1 more than a yard…

Anyways, it’s close enough.

Did I accidentaly say meter?

No, but blocks in Gimkit are measured as meters. The fact that meters are about the same length as yards is pretty cool.


who made the sport tag? I’m just wondering, it seems usable, but just curious.

Idk I just looked up sports and it was there :man_shrugging: