How to make an ambulance

Hello everybody, have you or your gim ever been in a life-threatening situation that almost “unlived” you, well if you have you know this vehicle very well, but there is a problem, gims don’t get this luxury of this life-saving vehicle, only med-kits! well not anymore, today we will construct an ambulance and (maybe) save the lives of some gims (I might also make a stretcher)

Step 1.
Get some white barriers and put them like this

Step 2.
You will need tires, plates, metal poles, and another barrier

Step 3.
You will need more metal poles and one more barriers

Step 4.
More barriers and one text with this :medical_symbol:Emoji (I moved the door a little)

Stretcher time

Step 1.
get some Metal poles

Step 2.
More barriers, YAY!

Step 4.
more metal poles and barrier YAY AGAIN!

And you are done, I hope you enjoy and now we can finally get our gim friends real medical attention!

Huh, what is this on the ground? eh, it’s probably nothing but don’t look just in case, OK?

File X1

It has been 5 days since the outbreak and we still have no clue what is going on, gims are acting strangely, they have been attacking others and have started to darken in skin color, and they don’t just evaporate like the rest of the “Disposed” gims, they come back every time, and when a healthy gim gets Offed by one, they come back! We have captured one and are testing it to try and find a cure, we hope we aren’t too late…


noice but maybe flip the weels in the other directions?


Super cool! I have seen one running around… I hope they find a cure i had to barricade my map


Very nice on how you did this!

Really cool! But why is the stretcher the same size as the ambulance?

is it possible that u could make foreign ambulances?

I might be able to, got a picture of it?

Its so that people can see it easier (I should add something like “enlarged to see better” or something like that)

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Nice! but i would make the car in the same angle as the tires, turned a bit so it looks like the back of the ambulance.


Wow! This is an amazing guide!
:grinning: This looks so realistic, too!

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I am planning on making more hospital-themed things in the future for my game, so expect more thing related to the theme

to see more?
Yep, I can’t wait.

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Here is a sneak peek at what I’m planning to make next
Reference image:

:smile: That looks amazing!
I can’t wait to see you make a guide about it.
Is it like one of those military medical forts or something…?

Yes, so I will be knocking out 2 birds with 1 stone, a medical-related and military-related thing

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Cool! I wonder why nobody has ever thought of that!
Are you going to make like a :hospital: Medical series?

Probs, It kinda goes with my game theme of a large spread virus and they are trying to make a cure

ONLY FOR @California_Love EYES

there will be files in every guide that are lore in the game, and the files describe the stages of the outbreak

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Amazing! Tell me the name of your game when everything is done!

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indeed i do! here’s the German Ambulance:
download - 2024-04-04T130521.429

I shall have it done by tomorrow!