How to make an alert to a team that someone has entered their base

So, I’ve been working on a mini-game map, and I’ve been making a laser tag gamemode where you have to destroy the enemy team’s base, and I created a simple system for alerting a team when someone has entered their base. This could be used for capture the flag or tag as we

Step 1

First, get a zone. The settings should be like the settings in the image below. Everything else should be the same.

Step 2

Get a relay. The settings should be like this.

Step 3

Next grab a notification device. The settings should be like this. The text can be whatever you want, though.

Step 4

Finally, get a checker device. These should be the featured settings.

As for the check, do this. However, the item can be whatever you want.

Step 5

Now for the other team, just follow these steps, but do everything the opposite way! Such as, change channel, “send on notification 1” change it to “send on notification 2”

This is my first guide. Please leave any suggestions on how I could improve on any future guides and how I can improve this one. Thanks! (I also edited the images, so please tell me if I left out some stuff)


i made a guide like this but it got took down :frowning:

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That’s unfortunate. Any reason why it was taken down?

Nice guide! You did pretty good on your first guide!

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Thanks! I made sure to try and see what other people did, and tried to implement that in this guide.

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it was an unfished guide but i finshed it but i flaged it because i wanted it to be closed


Oh. That makes more sense.

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Nice guide :slight_smile:.

Do note you have some private information in your screenshots, you might want to edit that out.

Also, we aren’t using the mini-guide tag for this topic.
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You could have deleted it.

You can’t delete a guide if there are comments on it.

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Oh, ok

Nice first guide! You have your name in your screenshots, so I suggest you edit those out as soon as possible.

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I think it’s a reference to Breaking Bad


Yeah, one of my friends changed it to that lol.

Ok, I fixed the images. Shouldn’t get doxed now… :sweat_smile: