How to make a working water well - Difficulty 🟦 or 1/10

Idk if someone already did this but I did this by myself and I feel accomplished.

What you need:
A water well
A button
An item granter
A wire

  1. Take your button and put it in front of the water well like how the image shows. Make sure the visible in-game setting is set to no. The interaction duration can be whatever you want.

  1. Take the item granter and change the “item to grant” to water. The amount to grant can be whatever, but I decided to choose three.

  1. Connect your button and item granter with a wire, and basically do this. (idk how to explain)

And you’re done! Enjoy your source of water.

(How did I do? This was my first tutorial :smile: )


You did great!

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If you wanted to to, you could use a counter and wire repeater to make a limited amount of water and make it so the water can refill.

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Nice first guide, @vqnillaxx!
Yoy could also add a vending machine like in the original farmchain gamemode.

(Button( Button Pressed > (Vending Machine) Attempt To Purchase

(Vending Machine) Item Purchased > (Item Granter) Grant Item

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I think the Difficulty is a bit off.
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Nice guide!


Oh okay! I changed the first part and i’ll change the difficulty to 1/10. Ty!


You’re Welcome!
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Nice! Seen this for the first time!
Cool guide, @vqnillaxx! :cloud_with_rain:
Also, this is cool that this very useful guide was your first!
This should have gotten a lot more attention! But yeah, good job!

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