How to Make a Working Keyboard (Difficulty: ⬛)

It evolved into black :smiling_face_with_tear:


Its officially midnight

The people said black, so I did black

@here this is a very important thing that I just found!!!

@GimAi’s profile page says that it will come back on September 1!

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I just noticed that a few days earlier.

i have a prototype on this system, should i make guide for it?


It actually came back this month, then the owner decided to discontinue it, then it got banned again somehow

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Well, I guess it’s going to come back for another time

The second ever black rated guide! I rated purple, but this could definitely deserve black! Great job!


The most annoying part: Putting buttons and setting them up, and when you try to copy the button the game thinks you’re trying to copy the text



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(not a insult)

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(not an insult)

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Hey, atleast i got some cheetos!

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You mean Cheetoes?