How to make a working elevator with an operator! Difficulty: 3/10

Hey, @Kormorant here.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make an elevator with a working elevator operator! I originally made this for my Gimkit Hotel game.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Step 1

First, get terrain to make the elevator on the ground/first floor. I used cracked oak and magenta lab floor, as it looks like wood and a carpet.
Here it is:

Step 2

Next, you get a barrier, set its RGB to 94, 43, 43 (if you’re using cracked oak). Set it to be deactivated on game start, and its deactivation scope to player. It should look something like this:
Now, get a zone and a wire repeater. Wire it to the wire repeater, which should have a delay of 3.0. Now wire the wire repeater to the barrier and set it to activate when pulse received.

For every floor after this one, use the same setup. But we’re not done yet!

Step 3

It is time to make ourselves an elevator operator!

Get a sentry and make his team Team 1. I prefer Vortex Agent, as they are the hotel people who help out most of the time (except Reginald, your valet (OOPS! * =spoilers* :blush:)).

Now, get a button and a popup. Set the button to not visible in game, and name it: “Talk to Elevator Operator”.
Put whatever you want in the text of the popup. Just make sure he asks you what floor do you want to go on.

If you have another floor, then get as many popups you need! For each floor, name the floor in the call to action, and if you have a floor after that, then, well, just use the next button as well.

Now we’re done with this part, so copy this setup (steps 1-3) for each floor you have. Remember, use the channels you made for these popups/this popup for each floor.

Step 4

Now, you have to build the elevator in-between floors.

Get a teleporter. Wire each popup to the teleporter: primary call to action clicked → teleport player here. Make the teleporter not visible in-game.

Step 5

Finally, get a wire repeater for each floor you have. Set the delay for 5.0 for the first, 10.0 for the second, 15.0 for the third, and so on. Wire the first to the first popup: primary call to action clicked → receive pulse. Do this for each wire repeater and popup you have.
Next, get a teleporter for each floor you have. Put them in the elevator of that floor… and set them wired up to their respective wire repeater.

Until next time,

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Maybe, to improve the feeling you are in an elevator, you walk in and get teleported to a camera view of a full size elevator with black barriers outside of the elevator? Otherwise, I like it.

Maybe. I’m planning on expanding this guide once I get member.

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Nice guide! Not trying to be mean, but there’s already a lot of guides on this. Great guide though, well explained + pictures.

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We need someone to make 2.5D elevator art

You NEED to do a platformer elevator. (unless you don’t have season ticket)

No offense, but none have an elevator operator.

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Lol, what’s 2.5D? A mix between 2D and 3D?

3D illusions in 2.5D. So depth and perspective.

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Kinda an add-on but still very useful ig!

Bumpith of bumps