How to make a Working Clock

People forgor about this ancient masterpiece

You better start running outta there

It’s true, it is a masterpeice. It could be improved though. Using notifications, or maybe pop-ups, it could alert the time when you click on a button, or every 5 minutes or so. Also, text could be added for numbers, or at least roman numerals.

Yes, I probably should. It’s Blizzy, and @Blizzy is probably mad that people for forgetting his/her/their/IDK ancient masterpiece. Oh, and he/she/they’re/IDK one vacation, so he/she/they’re/IDK is probably mad at her disturbance. Thank you @JohanGim for the reminder, I’ll be sure to grab an extra-nice goblet on the way out for you.

Is it, though? I think it could be very much improved one day. Thanks for the praise, though, @Unit_72

Anyways, I’m a girl.
I’m back from the vacation
And I’m tired so I’m not going to go hunting
Don’t worry, I’m come some time to get you