How to Make a Working Arcade Machine

Hi guys, I’m going to show you how to make a working Arcade Machine.

You need:

  • An Arcade Machine (On or off)
  • Button
  • Teleporter x4
  • Sentry
  • Popup
  • Wire Repeater
  • Sentry
  • Item Granter
  • Some Concrete Walls

First Place down your Arcade Machine. Put a button down in front. Set Button Message to: Play Arcade machine. Set Button Visible in Game to: No. Next Place down your Popup. Wire your button to it. When button pressed > Open popup. In Popup, content text type: Do you want to play the Arcade? In Call to Action Label type: Yes. In Secondary call to action label type: No. Next Place down your Wire Repeater. Wire the Popup to it, When Secondary Call to action clicked > Wire Pulse, and Wire it back to the Popup, Wire Pulse > Close Popup. It should look like this so far.

Next place down a Teleporter. Set Target Group to: Arcade Machine Game. Then Set visible in game to: No. Wire the Popup to the Teleporter. When Primary call to action clicked > teleport player to target.

Then Hide the Teleporter in the Arcade Machine so no one can go into it.
Somewhere else in your map place down a second Teleporter. Set that Teleporter’s Group to Arcade Machine Game. Then place down a Sentry. Near the Teleporter. Then Place down Concrete walls around it.

Then Place Down an item Granter. Wire the Sentry to the Item Granter, Sentry knocked out > Grant Item. Set the Item to Cash and amount to 100. (You can change this) Then place down another Teleporter. Set Target Group to: Exit Arcade Machine.
Set visible in game to: No. Then place this Teleporter in the Wall. Then Wire the sentry to the Teleporter you just placed down. When sentry knocked out > Teleport Player to Target. So far it should look like this.

Then go back to where you placed your Arcade Machine. Place down another Teleporter. Set the Teleporter group to: Exit Arcade Machine. Place the Teleporter in the Arcade Machine.

And you’re done!
Happy Gimkiting!

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Nice guide!

I’m confused.

Wouldn’t you play a game in the arcade. Not go into the game?

Well…that’s tricky…you’d have to make a lot of animations.

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