How to make a wooden door in Gimkit

Today, I will show you how to make a door that works in Gimkit. Easyish to make.

  1. Get 2 medium sized wooden poles and place them parallel to each other.
  2. Get a sign and place it on top, like the entrance way of a door
    You should have this so far:
    Screenshot 2023-12-05 10.33.26 AM
  3. take a barrier and tinge it a similar brown color to the poles and sign. Make sure to remove the borders. Appearance β†’ Show Border β†’ No Adjust as needed
  4. Take a trigger and put it in front of the bottom of the door.
    Wire this trigger to the barrier and select Triggered β†’ Deactivate barrier
  5. Place a second trigger behind the barrier, wire that trigger to the barrier and select Triggered β†’ Activate barrier
  6. Set the barrier transparency to 1.00 and put the barrier back into its slot.
    The door is ready. If you want to exit, build a similar following the instructions above except flip the order of the back and front triggers.
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Nice mini-guide! good job.

Nice guide. This has some uses:

  • Houses
  • Buildings

I’m sure this can be extended to be used many times.

Nice Guide! There are already a few guides on this… But they use different stuff. Nice job being creative!

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This is cute, good job!

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You might want to use a wooden table as the door and add a handle. It will look better.


okay I will pls wait

Nice guide, @thatOneCringe !

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You could use a circular barrier for a doorkknob

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That or a metal panel of a push in handle.

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