How to make a wooden door in Gimkit

Today, I will show you how to make a door that works in Gimkit. Easyish to make.

  1. Get 2 medium sized wooden poles and place them parallel to each other.
  2. Get a sign and place it on top, like the entrance way of a door
    You should have this so far:
    Screenshot 2023-12-05 10.33.26 AM
  3. take a barrier and tinge it a similar brown color to the poles and sign. Make sure to remove the borders. Appearance → Show Border → No Adjust as needed
  4. Take a trigger and put it in front of the bottom of the door.
    Wire this trigger to the barrier and select Triggered → Deactivate barrier
  5. Place a second trigger behind the barrier, wire that trigger to the barrier and select Triggered → Activate barrier
  6. Set the barrier transparency to 1.00 and put the barrier back into its slot.
    The door is ready. If you want to exit, build a similar following the instructions above except flip the order of the back and front triggers.
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Nice mini-guide! good job.

Nice guide. This has some uses:

  • Houses
  • Buildings

I’m sure this can be extended to be used many times.

Nice Guide! There are already a few guides on this… But they use different stuff. Nice job being creative!

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This is cute, good job!

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You might want to use a wooden table as the door and add a handle. It will look better.


okay I will pls wait

Nice guide, @thatOneCringe !

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You could use a circular barrier for a doorkknob

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That or a metal panel of a push in handle.

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Something like this has already been made by @M1dnight … Please make sure something hasn’t already been made before you make your guide!

UUUHHH… M1dnight did not make this. Plus, this is different.