How to make a whole team respawn

I want to make it so when if a player is in a zone the players team respawns or gets teleported

Connect the zone to a relay set to all players on triggering player’s team. Connect the relay to a respawn device or a teleporter. Welcome to the forum by the way! Would you like to know how this works?


sure! I would like to know

The relay is a really useful device that relays signals to a certain group of players. In this case, the relay is set to send to every player on the triggering player’s team. Since the zone is connected to the relay, when a player walks in it, the relay will trigger and whatever it’s connected to will only trigger for that player’s team. In this case, the player who stepped in that zone will cause their team to respawn. There are a variety of uses for relays, so I recommend you check them out and experiment with them!


thank you I would also like to know how to teleport some one or some team when a trigger is played

Connect the trigger to a teleporter. To teleport a team, connect the trigger to a relay first then to the teleporter. Configure the relay to your liking.

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this is my first time and you have helped me very well thank you for your kindness


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