How to make a wall that nobody can see but still is blocking? (Do not reply)

I am trying to create a maze game with clear walls.

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The visible in game setting.

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make a barrier or props alpha 0.00, it will make it invisable.

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Oh easy just do this with a barrier:

or just use terrain same layer but turn it to wall, (has to be same terrain as floor you are using

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@Fun_Gimkit Please mark a solution if you have an answer. Either use NON-VISIBLE IN GAME Barriers or Invisible Props.

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The alpha 0 makes it invisible in the editor. So you won’t know if something is there or not.

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You can still drag the cursor to see its outline, so not completly.

@Badkarma’s post+screenshot will be most helpful…you can see in editor but it is invisible in game.

Ok but it’s just better to not do anything to see it. I’d rather remember it’s there than not remember it.

yeah, I was just saying. that it is one way to do it, maybe not theeasiest but it is a thing.

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