How to make a "waiting for all players" sign on the top of your screen?

How to make a “waiting for all players” sign on the top of your screen?

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try using a notification

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I tried but it doesn’t give the affect

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what effect? send a concept

Is this good enough?

in that case, just use a text box

No, because the players will be moving how can you make the text bock follow you?

You cant. Set the text box visibility to acitve on game start. Makke sure it is in the lobby area. When everyone joined, the game host can go to a secret area where there is a button that will turn off the text box. Just a suggestion.

OK, well at least how to make the text go up (in numbers) when all the players loaded

My way is just connecting buttons to the counter and using the buttons to increment or decrement the number.

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Blud is outside my wooden door :skull:

No more off-topic

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Ask if you need help.
Connect button to counter w/ wire Button Pressed —> Increment counter
Button Pressed —> Decrement counter
2 Buttons ARE RECOMMENDED. Make sure you know the hidden location and name the button so you know which one is +1 or -1. Make sure the button is not visible.

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Need more help, @ThisGim_Is-Sunny?

No, i’m good. Thank you tho!

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sorry, was animating, but thats a way better way. thanks

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If you want to create a text, that is a device. Click on the device button and search “Text” and click the text device. Follow the instructions to create text.

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