How to make a visual feature that i cant figure out

so how would you make random items appear on a vending machine to make like a roullette and get the item that shows up on the vending machine sorta like how the visuals on the mystery box in cod zombies just show random weapon until it stops on one
but i was thinking maybe i could make vending machine appear and disapear with some block code and wires according to witch item was going to pop up and then add a timer to make the roullette animation have to play b4 getting the item but seeing as you cant hide vending machine with wire idk how to make one of these roulette things

You could hide and show emojis with text that show what you’re going to get.

so in other words im going to have to find exact emojis of gimkit gadgets or just random weapon emojis but even if so how would i make the animation timer?

I tried the discord emojis, they don’t work

They have weapon emojis, of the gadgets

huh well i’ll see if can somehow copy these emojis over

ok, let me know if you find a way, I have a mystery box as well and wall weapons, but no emojis for it, just text saying the name of the weapon

ugh you can download the emojis to the keyboard but you have to have nitro in order to do it


best hope is either option one ask someone who has nitro to download all the weapon emojis and send the file or option 2 hack or patch discord using a patcher or a hack tool

Plz don’t hack discord, just for some emojis, you will probably get banned

well i tried b4 on an alt using a patcher didnt work and wasnt detected

still your right it isnt worth it

lol i tried all i made was a furry emoji

just used a custom emoji creator

Search up how to make animation.

i know how to do the animation on gimkit just having trouble getting the emoji i need for this project

@Blackfox45666, I suggest adding a solution, as this is getting a bit off-topic.

to be fair animation is kinda what is needed for this visual effect im trying to get help on so technically im just talking about whats part of whats needed for what im trying to do in gkc not getting off-topic and i havent found a solution yet because i havent found a way to start and end the animation visual i need for this project

so a solution can wait a little bit longer @wingwave just saying