How to Make a Useful and Automated Pickaxe System

You may have noticed how in Dig It Up, you can upgrade your pickaxe as you get better resources? Well, I will show you how to make that, except that the process is automated so that you don’t have to go all the way back up.

You will want to place your dynamic terrain(walls) around the map, so you should do that first. Then you make a starting inventory granting a Pickaxe(Common). Now, you will be able to mine your terrain all you want! To make an automated pickaxe cycle, the next step is to put a repeater on these settings:
Screenshot 2024-05-11 201337
Screenshot 2024-05-11 201350
Now, put a checker on these settings:
Screenshot 2024-05-11 201543

Next, wire your repeater to the checker Repeater runs task—>Run check
Recall the channel that is transmitted on when the check passes: Give Player Uncommon Pickaxe. Now, you need to place 3 Item Granters granting the item when receiving on Give Player Uncommon Pickaxe. Edit their settings in this manner:
Screenshot 2024-05-11 202528

Screenshot 2024-05-11 202649

Overall, this system leads to a smooth transition between Pickaxe(Common) to Pickaxe(Uncommon) without missing a beat on mining.

By the way, you can repeat these steps with a few slight changes to go from Pickaxe(Common) to Pickaxe(Legendary).

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Nice guide! I feel like you could be a little more clear with your explanations.


Oh right, you can’t edit if it’s not a wiki. I’ll fix that.


Hey, this is a good guide! I’m not sure what you mean by

because only TL3s can make wikis.

Yeah, what I meant by that was to edit the text, not make it a wiki.

great job GKCGOAT, you are very creative

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You didn’t have to use a repeater, you could have just used an overlay, a few popups, and a few vending machines, but this works too ig.

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Remember, this is automated, so the player doesn’t have to go all the way back up; the game will just do it for them.

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Thank you for the feedback, @chrysostom! I plan to regularly make guides like these to help with device contraptions.