How to Make a Trap (Circus Edition)

This shows you how to trap your friends and force them to do stuff in a circus.
I know some stuff is super simple and you’re like “You don’t have to put that in I would of already do that” but there are some new gimkit creators
Step 1:
Put down a circus tent (Obviously)

Step 2:
Place down buttons and teleporters

P.S. make sure that they’re both invisible and make it so the button says Enter Circus
Step 3:
Wire the button to the teleporter (After moving to the place you want to put it)

Step 4:
Make the exterior using white marble and blue (or red) plastic. Also add a camera view.

Step 4:
Fill in the interior (I used white lab floor but you can use whatever you want)

Step 5 (Optional):
Decorate it

Step 6:
Make the main entertainment. Uses: 1

Barriers, 1 Checkpoint on Teleporter, 1 Teleporter on Checkpoint, 1 Zone, and 6 Sentries? Sentrys? Sentroids? Uh… Multiple of Sentry

Step 7:
Time to wire it up with some stuff I"ll show all the pictures of what you need wired
Button and Barrier 1

P.S. Give the button name like Start Event
Zone and Teleporter

(Optional) Barrier and Zone

Step 8:
Set up your trap (Make sure everything is hidden). Requires 1 Ceramic Plate (0.70 transparency), 4 bicycle racks, 1 one zone, and 1 button (Make say go to Trapper or Something). Set it up like this
Screenshot 2023-11-30 6.31.38 PM
P.S. Make zone smaller
Step 9:
Make it when you enter zone broadcast on Trapped and all the bicycle racks and the ceramic plate shows when receiving on Trapped
Step 10:
Attach wires like this

In the game walk into the trap and see if it appears if it does then you are a good listener if it doesn’t or has already appeared then get good

Step 1(: /Ideas
If the person you trapped isn’t cooperating then you could add lasers or put a punishment room that they go to
(:moyai:Please tell me if I missed something​:moyai:)

Nice Guide! :moyai:
Why is this so specific?
Wouldn’t a better name be “How to make a trap?”

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Nice guide!

Nice guide welcome to the forum!