How to make a Tornado in Gimkit

Hi, welcome to a small tutorial on how to make a tornado in gimkit. I haven’t come across any guides on this topic before, so if there is a guide about this tell me so I can add credits! (this guide was rushed)
let’s begin by acquiring a single barrier. Feel free to adjust the settings according to your preferences, although I suggest setting the circle to have no collision. Now, let’s proceed to construct the cloud. (copy and paste to make the funnel cloud so u don’t suffer)

Begin constructing the back section of the tornado. Duplicate and insert the circle, reducing its size slightly. Gradually repeat this process, descending with smaller circles until reaching the final point. (next is color)


Duplicate the circle and adjust the color to a darker shade than the previous one.

Begin adding perspective lighting to the back of the tornado.

Now, apply the same technique to the cloud using lighter and darker colors. Avoid placing the colors everywhere; instead, focus on specific clouds where they can create a hiding effect, start a shadow, or highlight areas where you want light to be.


Should I create a follow up- tutorial on how to make the player die and move around in the game?

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Hey that’s pretty cool, I should try to make one!

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I love how you added lighter and darker colors to give more dimension!


@HP7divergent46THG12 Thanks! :+1:

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I removed ideas as that is only for Help topics


Oh alr, I’ll make sure to remember that the ideas tag should only be used for the Help topic when I create a guide in the future.


this is a good art guide! TAKE THAT forum haters!

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Great guide! Yeah using different shades helps the design!


Oh my golly golly gooshy, (yes I mean that, lol)

It looks very cool!

(car casually gets taken away from this tornado)


This is a ni-
thunder roars, lightning flashes :zap:
I guess the internet died because of the storm before I could finish my compliment.
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@CaptionPuffy , have you created a follow up tutorial yet? Or are you going to? Im actually pretty interested in this topic!

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@HP7divergent46THG12 Maybe soon, but I have a lot to finish this week so… maybe in a week or two.