How to make a timer. That starts and ends when you enter a zone

How to make a timer.

In this guide I will show you the easiest way to make a timer.
Step 1: Place 2 zones a counter and a repeater.
Step 2: Name the first zone start and the second zone end.
Step 3: Place your zones where you want the timer to start and end based on there names.
Step 4: For the repeater, Start repeater on “start” When task occurs “+1” Task interval “1.0” Stop repeater on End
Step 5: For the counter Starting value at 0, Increment counter on “+1”. If you want your timer to just change on the client side (player) then select Count scope for “player”.
Step 6: For the counter go to channels scroll down and reset counter on Start.
Step 7: You can clone the counters how much you like.

Congrats your finished! The timer can only go up by +1 second.

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Nice guide! (first reply) You should add more pictures. Pictures are good!


Great! Just make sure you search before you post, this has been made many times before. Also, maybe consider adding pictures, as this will help readers understand what is going on.

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funny, hey! welcome back!
just a friendly reminder, search to see if their are similar topics before you post so as not to cause clutter