How to make a "time survived" thing in the leadboard?

Just like in snowy survival, it tracks how many seconds you survived.

Connect a lifecycle to a trigger, then set its delay setting to “1.” Also, set the trigger’s active scope to “player.” Connect the trigger to a new wire repeater. Connect the new wire repeater to the trigger. This will create an infinite trigger loop. Connect the trigger to an overlay. Then, place a property device. Set it to “Seconds Survived” and set it to a number property. In the overlay, make this block code.
If you would like this to show on the leaderboard, in Map Options, set the leaderboard to show a property. If you need the timer to stop running, deactivate the trigger.

@FersionSpeedy , would you like an explanation on how this works so you can replicate it easily in other maps?

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I sometimes may not reply though because multi-tasking is kinda hard.

Sorry, I’ll have to get to that tomorrow probably. But so sorry again, I made a mistake on that post with the answer. When I said connect the trigger to an overlay, I meant make it broadcast a message on a channel that triggers the overlay’s blockcode.