How To Make A Time Machine

This is a tutorial about how to make a time machine
To make a time machine, you need to build a time machine (duh) but the design, here is an example of one!

If you want to make a time machine, do these steps :3
If you want to make this new bookshelf into a really rusty old bookshelf, you need zones.

Make sure to make your props involved with the time machine, when your prop becomes an (after) phase, not visible in the game.

It depends if you want your time machine to go into the future or go back in time.
And then wire your zone to your (after) phase prop, and then make it visible if the player steps into the zone.

And then, wire your (present) prop from the zone, or your (after) phase prop to your (present) phase prop, and then make that prop disappear when the (after) phase prop becomes visible in the game.

I recommend using the (after) phase prop to wire the (present) phase prop like what is being shown in the image.
You can add a popup to make it more realistic if the player enters into the zone.

And then that’s it! You can do this multiple times, like after traveling into the future again, you can travel even further again. Here is a way, if you want to travel back into the present time!
You need another zone placed in the same position where your other zone is in!

Next, wire the (after) and (present) props. Make the (after) prop disappear and make the (present) phase prop appear when the (after) phase props disappear.

And then make the (present) phase prop become visible, after the (after) phase prop disappear

And then after doing that, make the 2 zones deactivate itself when entered in by the player, when the (after) phase prop becomes visible in the game, wire to the zone that travels into the future to deactivate, and then when that happens, make the zone that travels back into the past become activated.

Do this with the other zone again, and then your time machine can now travel back and forth! That’s all for today, let me know if there are some mistakes because I got confused.
Sometimes the zones will mix and will keep you traveling back into the future not back into the past, so make sure to find a way to fix that, just separate the 2 zones form eachother.


coool! note that not many props have an “infected” version, so this is limited

ClicClac is currently making time travel so at first I thought you were making that, but turns out you weren’t

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I thought OP was making that too…

what do you mean though?

@ire , ClicClac is making time travel with events, not just background changes.

For a second, I thought someone had figured out how to time travel with events as well. Oh well, this is still pretty cold!


should i keep posting topics though?


I know what they are making, this is still an OK guide.

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yeah this was a great guide

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