How to make a Time Limit on a room?

I’m trying to make a safe zone room where you can only stay there for 30 seconds. But how do you add like a time limit to that room so people won’t stay there forever?

Put down a zone, and wire it to a repeater so that [Player Enters Zone, Start Repeater] and the repeating time is 1.0 seconds, but make sure that the repeater turns off only after the number of seconds you want. Wire the repeater to a counter so that every time the repeater runs it decrements the counter. The counter’s starting value is 30 or how many seconds you want, and the target value is 0. Wire the counter to a teleporter with default settings (nothing changed) so that [Target Value Reached, Teleport Player Here]. Make sure the teleporter is outside the zone. Finally, add a wall-type prop that is hidden when the game begins but is shown when the counter’s target value is reached. That will close off the zone so the player cannot enter again.

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But how do you do that?

@LxmasHaxTakis Add the Wire Repeater Device. Connect a zone to the Wire Repeater with a wire. For the Zone, put “Player enters zone”. Now open up the Wire Repeater Device. Set the delay to however long you want. Now add a Teleporter Device. Connect the Wire Repeater Device to the Teleporter. For the Teleporter put “Teleport player here”. Now when you go inside the zone, it will wait however long you put the delay for in the Wire Repeater Device, and then it will teleport the player to the Teleporter Device!

Ping me if you need any more help!