How to make a text box show a streak(questioner)

Grab a text box, a property, a counter, and a questioner.
First, place the questioner down and wire the questioner to the counter. Question answered correctly, increment counter. Now, make it so that when a player answers a question incorrectly, it broadcasts on a channel. For example, wrong. Now, go to the counter and make it reset when receiving on wrong. Make sure the counter is not visible in game and it is player-scoped. Now, get your property and make it a number. Name it something like “answer streak”. Make it’s default value 0 and make it player-scoped too. Go into the property tab of the counter, make the thing(Update Property) say yes and make it update the property “answer streak”. Now, go to the text box and go into blocks. Click on the “when receiving on channel” section and make it do the block code when receiving on “update” and put the following block code in:

set text: create text with: get property answer streak

Then, go into the property’s settings and where it says

When property value changes, transmit on

and make it transmit on update.


Nice Guide! Remember, pictures are powerful!


^ just saying this sentence is for character increasement.


You could put letters in these <> and it will be invisible (only letters no spaces)

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nice guide!

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