How to make a telephone with art

I’m designing a house and i need a telephone (NOT a regular phone, the random phone station ones), but i have no idea how to create it.

Any help?

Maybe Use The Phone Emoji Using Text With A Barrier

Ooh! Use some barrier blocks to create a phone!

Yeah, but i don’t really know how to make it.

There’s no emojis that look like the ones you’ll see inside a phone station thingy.

Ooh! Can I give you a photo of barrier ideas?


Maybe Use This Emoji And Then Rotate It: :telephone_receiver:

Okay give me just a minute.


no, you need to use the emoji, search + space + shift.
writing with a : in front is just for the forums

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Yes, He’s Correct

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Alright, thanks!

Sorry, but i found the solution. Thanks for helping, though!

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Ooh! That solution is a good idea!

Here’s What It Would Look Like:
Screenshot 2024-01-12 220625

if you used text and added a bunch of 'O’s next to eachother, you can make the wire.

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