How to make a target shooting game

me and @gerk_supreme are making a mini game map and we need help on how to make a target shooting game, we want the target to give money once hit, have any ideas on how to do that?

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Prop destroyed → grant item?

That would only allow you to do the game a finite number of times though…

Ok, you have your gadget, right?
So, first of all, put a prop with damage on. The health can be one. When the prop is destroyed → Grant Item. Wire the Prop to a a wire repeater, then back, so to show it again.

About the same thing as @ClicClac

I know, that’s the problem, I feel like this should be easy but it isn’t

wait if you show the prop that will regenerate?

Wait, better Idea. Put the target as a sentry, so you can just activate it over and over again


No, I tested it, use a sentry instead

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yeah I guess that could work, thanks!

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You could also give it a respawn time of 0 seconds (if that’s possible)


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