How to make a tagging cooldown?

I really need help on this for my CTF map. @GimAi /gimai_help How do I make a tagging cooldown?

It happens automatically.
Gim AI is suspended.

The Tagging Cooldown does not happen automatically. I know that for a fact because I already tried it.

happened for me automatically.

The AI’s account has been suspended (and the last time it was asked that was when it was still partially nonfunctional and didn’t know what was being asked:
Still, I don’t think there is a specific way to make that happen - you can use wire repeaters to set a delay for transmission(s)…

… or use properties to store a value named tag_available (or something like that) and use devices to change the value. You can use blocks to change the value based on itself (such as using if/else blocks or the formula 1/(x/2) where x is either one or two - using the formula to set a value will set that value to whatever the number currently isn’t) - there are quite a few different solutions, but one of the more straightforward ones involves a trigger device that activates when a player has been tagged, sets the property to either 1 or 0 depending on what it’s currently at by using this block:

… and then uses either a wire repeater or a normal repeater device to wait a certain number of seconds before changing the value back.

Note that there isn’t a way for this value to be taken into consideration when tagging players - it’s as close to a solution as I can think of, but because there isn’t an input option for tag cooldowns on a tagging device it isn’t applied to the player when tagging others. You can use movement meters or some other player-restrincting devices to stop the player from reaching other players to tag (another alternative would be to teleport the tagger to a certain location upon tagging another player, but that could get annoying), but as of now there isn’t a simple solution.


what? is was working perfectly 3 days ago.

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sick gim! When did you buy it?

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About half an hour ago :p
It’s one of the Gims available from this week’s set, and because I already had the trail (which is mostly the sort of thing I collect), I thought I might as well get the Gim as well. It’s also one of the few sets that I have completed, which is why I happen to have it equipped right now :upside_down_face:


my bad I didn’t look at the gims until 10 secs ago. I was about to delete the post but you already responded.

yeah, it got suspended either yesterday or today making it not able to reply to anyone which is why it hasnt responded to anyone in a while. although it really does suck, its better to understand problem-solving and critique your own posts as it will be more efficient when creating and will allow for less clutter on this forum.


yah but it’s 2,000 I don’t have a lot left you think it’s worth it.

but i only have 13,300 left (if i play this week it’s 14,800) so I don’t know if I should get it.

Maybe try doing it so if the tag zone senses a tag, it deactivates the tagging zone for that player for about 3 seconds, before turning the tag zone back on?

But wouldn’t that disable that for other players on the teams.

Maybe try setting the tag zone deactivate to player only? Or is that not a thing.

i don’t know