How To Make A Tag Team PVP Mechanic ft. Tim

Wrestling is a thing that most Gims would probably not think of when PVPing so I wanted to include a Tag Team Wrestling gimmick that you would be able to switch to a different person while fighting.

What You Will Need

For The Arena

  • White Marble Terrain
  • Metal Poles
  • Barriers (Device)
  • Barriers (Prop)
  • Text

For The Tagging Mechanic

  • Teleporters
  • Relays
  • Spawn Pads
  • Vending Machines
Part One: The Looks

Your arena can look however you want it to be, but if you want to embrace the wrestling theme, here’s how to make the ring.
Step 1. Make an even #x# square of the white marble terrain

Step 2. Put 4 Metal Poles With No Shadows On Each Corner of The Ring

Step 3. On The Horizontal Walls Line Up 2 Metal Poles and copy and paste them across the walls to make a rope wall. Tint them red for a nice effect.

Step 4. To Make It Look More 3D Put A Barrier That Shows The Bottom Wall Of The Ring. (If you want to put a mark on it that’s fine)

Step 5. Copy and Paste the same metal poles but rotate it 90 degrees to make it like so.

Step 6. Add Invisible Barriers by putting the alpha to 0 (or 0.01) and then surround the walls with them. (Note that the bottom wall poles should be at the above layer to give a more realistic effect)

Step 7. Add A mark or symbol in the middle

And that’s the arena done!

Part Two: The Mechanics

Before We Start On The Switching Mechanics I will Clarify something.
The Gims who are not in battle will be out of the arena in a “bleacher” of some sort.

Step 1. Add Spawn Pad That Are Team Exclusive. Two on each side of the ring. One in each bleacher. If your team setups are correct and if you are playing with FOUR people one Gim should spawn in each area.

Step 2. Add Vending Machines That Sells Nothing For Nothing and Make it only available for said team, instant purchase, and not visible. This is because I don’t want to deal with properties and I want to be able to make it team exclusive. Make Sure they are across the entire side of the ring and make it when purchased transmit a chancel, called Switch (team#) (Do the same for the other side as well)

Step 3. Add a teleporter that will teleport the player on the ring to the rest area when the vending machine is purchased. (Do the same for the other side as well)

Step 4. Wire a relay device to a teleport that activates when the chanel is received. The relay device will also be set to teleport all players on the team you are on. Thus if there are 4 players they will be able swap out and be able to take turns battling. (Do the same for the other side as well)

And That’s The Basics Of Tag Teaming Done!

  • It Only Works With 4 Players (Typical in a tag team match)
  • When Player Is Knocked Out They Could Respawn In The Bleacher
  • People Could Spam Tagging (Why would they tho?)
    I encourage you to do some research via the search bar if you want these mechanics fixed.(Or I’ll add some guides Later)

Some Bonuses You Could Add Are

  • Regen Area In The Rest Area
  • Activity Feed/Notifications when someone tags in and out
  • A store to stock up on ammo/items/buffs
  • Training Area

The rest is yours to expand and experiment on!


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