How to make a Stumble Guys ish game

Getting Started:
Alright so Stumble Guys is a game where you go through challenging obstacles and try to make it all the way to the last round so in this guide you’ll be learning how to make a system kinda like that.

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Don't Step on the Wrong Log

This obstacle is kinda like the stumble guys obstacle where you fall if you walk on the wrong tile.
So let’s get started.
Go upwards in your platformer map and add a starting spawn point:
Add about 5-10 logs towards the right side of the spawn area:

Make some of the logs have no collision (make sure you make the logs mismatched so the players don’t pass this round so fastly:

Blast battle

So first make a checkpoint stop after the Don’t Step on the Wrong Logs area:
Then add a teleporter sorta near the check point area except a bit farther and a lot higher like:

After that wire the checkpoint and teleporter:

Next add a stadium around the teleporter (make sure the walls are hig enough so the players can’t leave it:

And then take out an item granter that’s:

Connect checkpoint to item granter:

After make a counter and change the target settings to:
Take out a lifecycle and change it to:
Then connect lifecycle → counter:

Fnally take out a team switcher change it to:

And connect lifecycle to team switcher:

DLD Speed mode

First add a teleporter that’s about a decent amount away from the Blast Battle stadium like:

And connect the counter earlier mentioned in the guide to the new teleporter:

After that build a small platform under the teleporter. And then take out a speed Modifier and change it to:

And connect teleporter → speed Modifier:

Finally start adding bits of platforms for the players to parkour through at top speed:

Camera View Method

For this method just use a camera view device and make a parkour area:

Making it so players can't respawn

This is really simple.
So put a zone wherever people can fall and then take out a team switcher and change it to:

Then connect zone → team switcher:


Only add your name here if you did something:


Huh ok why’d this get posted I guess I’ll just keep it…


Finally I finished three out of the 5 obstacles I’m gonna stop for today probably gonna finish tomorrow :slight_smile: But I might need more ideas


Yippee skippee! I love stumble guys.

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This is actually a really good guide! It is the first Stumble Guys tutorial I’ve seen!

Isn’t stumble guys just fall guys but on mobile?

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Exactly, and there’s already a Fall Guys wiki, so this is completely useless.

You mean the wiki from Crimson_Knight? It’s how to make Fall Guys modes in top-down, so that’s different. Don’t judge things so mindlessly.


I wouldn’t say this is completely useless, as it’s a Platformer-based guide, rather than Top-Down like the other wiki.


I wasn’t saying this was useless, I just was confirming something. Also, even if they were both platformer guides, different perspectives can change a lot about a guide to have mechanics that can be interesting that the first person didn’t think of.


Yeah I guess Stumble Guys is Fall Guys on mobile.


No, it’s just that Platformer hadn’t been released yet, it says no where there that it’s only for top-down.

platformer is out for some people (season ticket holders) so right now its just for them…

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Well, it’s different then. Can you tell me how this is useless though?


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bro was brutal about it

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This guide had been finished
Edit this post for more ideas for this guide
More ideas:


I really want to make this!
Just have to convince my parents into buying me a season ticket :roll_eyes:

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Thanks :]

Yeah, I was trying to be a bit original

same; one of the reasons why I made this guide


Samesies Stumble guys is pretty fun lol (there was one time where Mrbeast collab with it and I saw like 20 different golden Jimmy skins lol)

This is a nice guide though, all jokes aside! It’s really good, and has lots of creativity built into it! I appreciate how the forums are going mostly… into a positive direction with more creative guides, so thank you! (A stumble guys ish game is actually a really good idea for platformer lol)