How to make a story game in gimkit

Is there any way to do this? I want it to be about Taylor swift’s career in music specifically the 10 eras (not including the tortured poets department)
And probably not including all the drama I don’t like drama
Don’t make fun of me because I am a swiftie please people at school are already very mean
And I can’t reply until tomorrow. Also out of likes


I know you said you can’t reply until tomorrow… but you can use call-to-action things and sentries and pop-ups and things like that.

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you get bullied for being a swifty? thats uncool. sorry to hear that.
anyhow, maybe have the player be taylor? and as the game goes on, the player will go from start to finish on highlights of taylors life. (concerts, album drops, maybe recreate a music video?) If youd like it to be a ‘choose your own adventure’ theme, then use popups. The call to action setting on the popups will determine the players fate. Maybe have different endings too. (ex: taylor becomes a famous popstar, or they become a broke music artist whose albums failed.


Welcome to the forums @Taylor_Swift_Lover13!

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True, get bullied is never cool
Also, you should add at the end, a hallway of taylors achievments, like a conclusion


I agree. @Taylor_Swift_Lover13 shouldn’t get bullied just because of being a Swifty…


Ok thanks everybody!

And don’t welcome me because I have seen it and it is spam

That is a really great idea! I will definitely use that!

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