How to make a storm for your battle royale games! [1/10]

Now I know, before you say, “Pika_Pokemon already done this!11! why are you reposting this guide?!”

Now with the new damager device, we can take away damage from the player via that device!

Using a simple storm system, this can force players to move inwards and well, end the game. As it’s a battle royale, you don’t want the game going on too long and your friends building a literal fort trying to survive from another players chaos of quantum portals. So a storm system is really useful for ending the game!

Without further ado, let’s start the actual guide!

Heres what I’m gonna do. The materials- if you need them- are down below.

x1 Damager Device
x1 Zone Device
x1 Repeater Device (Or any other looping mechanic like recursion with triggers)

The first step you wanna do is place down your zone.
Screenshot 2024-05-20 4.15.14 PM
(Not telling my name cause I value internet privacy here :slight_smile: )

Nice! You got your zone. Make it so when a player enters the zone, make it transmit, “PlayerInStorm” and when a player exits the zone, make it transmit “PlayerOutOfStorm”

Heres the screenshot on what I did.

Nice! After you did that, place your repeater. Make it so it starts when receiving PlayerInStorm, and stop strategy on channel. Make it Stop on the channel PlayerOutOfStorm. Make task interval 1 second. Make the task interval transmit “DamagePlayerInStorm”

Nice job! Your almost finished! Only a few more touches we need to do.

Next step, place down your damager device. This will make the storm actually do something and incentivize players to go in, or bad things will happen! :smiley:

Here is what you need to do after placing that damager device. Make the damage it deals what you want it to be. In my case and context of what I want, I want 5 damage. Make it so it damages on DamagePlayerInStorm.

After you got that, type {name} got knocked out by the storm! (or whatever you want and suits your game best!)

Here is your screenshot of the damager device!

Good job! Your almost finished! Go to the all options section in your zone, and make it’s background color whatever you want! Also make it visible in game. I want mine purple like Fortnite. Lastly, make it not active on game start.

From then on, you will have to do the triggers to turn on the storm and push players further inward. This incentivizes players to stay near the center, because if a player goes in too deep, they take more damage. If you are using multiple, you will need to space it out so that they don’t overlap.

Here’s your finished product!

Hopefully you found this guide useful, and I hope you can now have a cool storm system! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, praise, or anything else related to this guide, feel free to reply below!


Nice guide! :grin:
I’ve been wating for someone to make this!


proved the karens wrong


finally! someone made the guide! good job txme_lxss, I would usually say to “never use repeaters” but I’m gonna let this one slide… lol


Nice guide! Personally I’d write it like this:

Now I know, before you say, “pIkA_pOkeMoN hAs AlReAdy DoNe ThIs!!! WhY aRe YoU rEpOsTiNg ThIs GuIdE?!

Anyway, great guide!

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yay ur back! and uuuuh don’t look at one of the topics you created…
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Yup. I responded on the wiki comment blackhole made on the bottom.
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