How to Make a spreadshot sentry

Neva made a topic before so here we go :d
this is also a remake/revision of @thatOneCringe’s own guide on this very thing How to make a Rapid-Fire Boss in Gimkit
First: you’ll want a sentry (shocker)

Second: set the sentry’s firerate to slow and it’s accuracy to low (you can change this however you feel)
Screenshot 2023-12-15 8.37.36 AM

Third: change the weapon to zapper rare thu legendary, lower their health to ~20-50 if you want the player to be able to fight back and kill them all, and disable respawning.

Fourth: Place roughly 5-10 sentry’s in EXACTLY the same spot (use copy and just don’t move the mouse when you’re placing them OR use grid lock to have a safety net In case you do move your mouse on accident)
You can use the shadow the sentries have as a base for how many you have (darker = more)

you can always place 20 in the same spot, make the speed very fast and the accuracy the highest for some sillys :3



just include that if you want it to look like one sentry put it that u use grid lock

fantastic idea ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! :exclamation:

This is great you could use this as sentries for a tycoon game to defend against enemy players!

why i gave you the suggestion is bc i seen some poorly made games with the spread shot sentry looks like it has a big belly


Looks noice!

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Amazing guide @Clamitycannon.

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This is great if you want to mimic a sentry using a shotgun. (high damage, low speed)


Is this just a guide to setting sentry settings to a specific thing? If you can say the guide in one sentence, it shouldn’t be a guide.

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No because you put multiple together and change the settings.

We shouldn’t make guides that can be summarized into a single sentence.

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This is based off of my guide.


twas it was (I just couldn’t find it so I couldn’t give cred, sori)

Or you could make a few sentries with high accuracy and a few with low accuracy for a shotgun effect.


Its okay. Sorry for interrupting u.

They have been in the forums for longer than you have


I’ve used the idea that someone could place a few sentries but only make one with high accuracy and a good weapon. Makes for a challenging fight with one bullet always almost hitting you.
P.S: Thanks for the spheal of approval

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