How to make a spider boss 🕷

. Step One
Get A spider prop in the props setting.
Screenshot 2024-04-09 12.12.14 PM
. Step Two
Get A sentry in the devices setting
Screenshot 2024-04-09 12.14.19 PM
. Step Three click on the spider and go to change size
Screenshot 2024-04-09 12.15.07 PM
. Step Four make the spider to the max size
Screenshot 2024-04-09 12.15.37 PM
. Step Five click on the sentry and make the boss how you want to I used the evil eye because it makes it look like the spider is spitting venom

. Step Six put the sentery above the spider on the layer menu and then put the sentry on top of the spider

. Step Seven wire the sentry to were when you knock it out the spider prop disappears

. Step Eight when you start the game the sentry will disappear and it looks like the spider is fighting you :slight_smile:

BTW I named the spider dave


:+1: First and foremost, congratulations on even attempting to make a guide!
:pencil2: Note to self: Always congratulate someone for even trying to make a guide before giving constructive criticism! So, yeah, I have! Thanks for trying to improve the forum, @jelloboss!

How do I say this in a nice way?

:neutral_face: Um, I don’t think we really need this guide if it doesn’t give anything useful…
It’s basically just enlarging a prop and layering it.

:memo: Maybe add something like giving it some health or something?
Otherwise, there is absolutely no use for this guide.


oh yea I forgot to make it to where when you defeat the sentry underneath to wire it to where when you knock it out to make the prop the disappear thanks @California_Love :slight_smile:


No problem. Thanks for making a guide.
Take all the time you need, and you could add wip to the title so people will know it’s incomplete, if you need extra time.

:shopping: Don’t use the tag, though! We don’t use it anymore!

Bit off topic, but y do we not use the tag anymore
it still exists… it is just weird to me

:0 big spooder but spooder needs a bit of work :slight_smile:


How is it off-topic?
I’m helping the creator of the topic, @lonewolf0230.

ok I added an extra step to where the spooder has health

it just took a wire :slight_smile:

I am saying what I was saying is a bit off topic

(that was confusing)

Is the sentry visible?
I wonder if that’s a thing.
It would be nice to have invisible sentries…

Basically it’s because it’s much easier to have [WIP] in the title. Tags are barely appreciated anyway, so why waste a few seconds adding the tag when nobody even pays attention to them…

:dotted_line_face: However, even I don’t know the exact reason.
There are a lot of new rules here that aren’t publicly announced.

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no the sentry will be under the spider attacking when you start the game look at my last screenshot so when you kouckout the sentry under the spider the spider disapears

Hmm… I knew that we don’t use it anymore but that is kind of weird.
GTK tho :slight_smile: thanks

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wip is no longer used due to the fact that you don’t need to find a guide just because it’s a wip it’s also why off-topic is no longer used

No idea… same as ban speedrunner.

This is a really basic guide, like I’ve done this before, but still good job!

Oh, look, a cute spider spider enlarges
Spider: how dare you call me cute! spits venom


Yikes! (I have arachnophobia)

is arachnophobia where your scared of spiders

yep never mind
Screenshot 2024-04-10 12.10.36 PM