How to Make A Speed Upgrade System Like In Tag Domination

This Guide is A Brief Explanation of a Speed Upgrade System like you see in Tag Domination.
This is my first guide/post so please explain anything I messed up with.
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For this system you will need.

X=The amount of upgrades you want players to unlock

  • (X) Vending Machines
  • (X) Counters
  • (X) Speed Modifiers

First you want to decide how many upgrades the player can access.
In this example there will be 2.

Place your vending machine down and set it so that it transmits on a channel.
In this example the vending machine transmits on the channel “Speed”
Although you can name the channel anything

After you set up any amount of vending machines you can focus on the upgrades.
All vending machines should transmit on the same channel.

For your next step you want to place down a counter and program it to increase every time a vending machine transmits on the selected channel.
After this go to target and set the target as 1. This counter will be your first upgrade.
Then place down your first speed modifier.
This modifier is going to be what the players speed is set to after 1 upgrade.
Make sure the counter is linked to the speed modifier so that when it reaches the target (1) the speed modifier should be activated for that player.

Your next step is to create the other upgrades. I will only make 2 however you can make many more once you understand the system.
For your second upgrade place a counter (or copy the old one) and make sure it still increases when receiving from the selected channel.
However this time the counters target should be 2.
You will also place down a second speed modifier and increase the speed to what you think the 2nd upgrade should be.
Once again link the 2 using channels or wires so that when the counter reaches its target (2) the speed modifier is activated.

In summary the vending machines increase the counters when they are bought from and each counter is linked to a new speed upgrade. Meaning every time you buy from a vending machine a counter reaches the target and your speed is changed.

Using this code you will be able to create speed upgrade systems and maybe add a twist of your own! Good Luck!

(Sorry I only put one image. It wouldnt let me put more)


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