How to make a spawn point in a TDM map

This is a little mechanic that is easy to make yet helpful on a TDM map. this is done with no wires and uses channels.
The items you will need:
Spawn pad(1x)
Knockout manager(1x)
Damager(1x) (optional for testing)

First, you make a platform with a zone and have it on leaving, transmit “leaving spawn…” and when a player enters the zone put it on “you have spawned”.

Then you place a spawn pad and put it on the team that you want it to be for. Next, you want to place your knockout manager and notifier and set the knockout manager to when a player is knocked out. on channels when a player is knocked out you want it to transmit, “Noti”

and in the Notifier you would want it to send the notification when the player is entering the zone and it should say “You have spawned”.

Lastly, you place your second notifier and notify when receiving "leaving zone and have the notification say “leaving the zone.”

This last part is optional but you could place a damager on the outside of the zone and put the leaving zone in the channel where it says damage when received ".

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Don’t put this in help. Help is for people who make posts because they need help. tutorials are for community-made guides. Nice guide though

i put it into Community Made Guides since this is clearly a guide

Uh… what does TDM mean?

I think this guide would be more useful if you explain what a TDM map is.

TDM means Team Deathmatch
Also, i agree with getrithekd

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tdm means the diamond minecart

the nostalgia…