How to make a spaceship?

I searched and I didn’t find how to make a spaceship so can anyone help me? I’m using this for my space map where you fix it and ride away

ohhh, this sounds like a fun challenge, so could you elaborate on this spaceship?

well I mean I don’t want it to be like as big as this:

I just want it like the size of a submarine

and I want it like dis… yea I can’t find the reference pic

alright, and do you need help with technical stuff, or just the looks of a spaceship?

just the looks and I found the reference picture

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oh my! this may take me a while

Love craiyon.
great tool.

oh uhh heh… yeaaa

Wha? I used google :skull_and_crossbones:

Oh, the symbol (crayon) in the corner indicates that it was ai generated by craiyon. :slight_smile:

ohh ok

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This is the guide I made!

Check it out!

Couldn’t you just copy and paste a space ship emoji into a text box, then resize it???

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