How to make a spaceship ⬜️ or 1/10

so, a while ago I was tasked with making a spaceship
not just any spaceship

this one

So I thought: If I were to make this and explain it to someone, I should probably make a guide on it, also this is PRETTY complicated!

Step one: head of ship

first a barrier:
(0, 204, 255)
no border,

then metal signs!
and two pieces of space trash

line them up like this

Step two: Ship body

First, we make the thingy with light in the middle
we copy the barrier from the ship head and make it a rectangle

then take 3 barrels, and tint them grey, and use metal poles and metal signs to cover parts of it up!
Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 9.35.17 AM

now we use signs, space trash, and bicycle racks to make it like this

now use signs and poles to make longer

And finally finish it with the tails (idk what those is, it’s in the picture so I think I should make it)

Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 12.15.19 PM

now make smaller versions of the signs but tint them darker (125,125,125)

And now you are done!

For those who came for the picture

– Chrysostom


How hard is this?

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yay first good art guide in a while

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thanks @riptide I forgot that 1/10 was white

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That is SICK

I really have to Bump this!

ummm, this was litarelly made 8 hours ago…

(It’s fine, the 5 day bump is like a unknown rule, so we shouldn’t really enforce it… it’s pretty much a community made rule…)

Anyways, shooing from that, this is honestly really good. It’s all really detailed. I like it. 9/10 for me! It’s really nice.

depends on who you ask. I have made plenty of spaceships so I put 0/10

Wow! Nice art guide!

Also how did you read my mind?

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Nice spaceship @chrysostom I couldn’t have made this myself


wow, you must have spent a LOT of time on that!



great minds think alike lol


Nice guide! the spaceship is cool.

You should make more guides with different spaceships too!