How to make a space shuttle! (difficulty: 0/10 ⬜)

Why is the square orange?
Shouldn’t it be white?

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I meant the difficulty square.

Nice guide, @Napcat223!

i don’t really know i wanted it to be orange because it is 2/10 which i thought would be orange not white, and then it turned out to be 0/10 white not orange.

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Yeah, art is always 0/10, no matter how complex.

but what about this one?

that is not art it is a guide to make a game

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oh, OK thanks for telling me


i think I’ll go back on topic before ill get flagged or something

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no, its 0/10 or 1/10

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(grammar police moment)
there are no triangular barriers (its rectangular) and its place not plece

sorry if this was a bit offensive

i fixed that bit @Quimblo

i added some more stuff!!

more stuff!!


Nice guide.

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thanks @The_7th_Dragon

Wow! This guide is really cool! I like the prop use

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thank you @31tlarso.

The difficulty rating system is based on how hard a certain thing is to re-create in GKC. If a art guide has a lot of repetitive things, or just takes a while to place down all the props in general, then it could be rated higher than 0/10.


umm, OK ? @Riptide .

i love making this.i could never make this. how did you do it! :hushed:

Well…that’s what the guide is for…