How to make a soccer jersey! (Difficulty 0/10)


Hey, @Kormorant here!

I see you decided to set your eyes upon another one of my guides. Well, this time, it’s an art guide! An AUTHENTIC one! And this time, it’s… [1] a soccer jersey!

Quick Joke

What did Delaware?
A new jersey.

Ok, now onto the actual guide.


A LOT OF BARRIERS (blue and white for my jersey)
x3 text box

The Build (Messi’s Jersey)

Begin by getting a barrier and setting its alpha to 1.00 and its RGB to 255, 255, 255.
Now, place it like this:

Duplicate that, and shrink it, and make it look something like this below.

Now, get a barrier and set its alpha to 1.00 and its RGB to 102, 132, 225. Copy it and place the barriers like this:

Now, get a text box and write “10” in Staatliches, 144 px, and then copy it and write Messi in all caps over it in 100 px.

This is what it should look like:


Well, thanks again for coming over here to read this guide! More coming soon, including a Ronaldo and a Mbappe jersey, as well as possibly a Neymar Jr. jersey!

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  1. drumroll please ↩︎


Nice! Ngl it’s kinda big tho…

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yes well um idk lol

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Actually you could shrink it so nvm 8/10 guide

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the sleeves are a bit off, personally. Also, put this in art. I like it though!