How to make a smaller vending machine

I’ve been playing some published creative maps and I was wondering how to make my vending machine smaller, or when you touch the barrier you can unlock it.

You can’t shrink them but you can try to make it using props (blackboard legs and chalkboards) or just make it invisible to shrink it to one block.
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Wire the Zone to the Vending Machine

(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Vending Machine) Attempt to Purchase Machine

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and make a zone and barrier player entered zone-deactivate

How Do I do that???

then barrier to vending
deactivated-attempt to purchase

How do I make a prop chest or vending machine?

Using blackboard legs and chalkboards.

wdym (have to use this)

Well, I’ve been creative games and I notice that sometimes you can go up to a barrier and unlock it without a vending machine.

oh zone wire to barrier
entered zone-deactivate barrier

Put the Vending Machine near the Barrier and wire it to deactivate it. (unlocking it)

(Vending Machine) Item Purchased —> (Barrier) Deactivate Barrier

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More like to use something to buy

That’s what the Vending Machine is for.

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You could put a button and then make the vending machine not visible in game. Put the vending machine somewhere far away and wire the button to the vending machine like, “Button Pressed, Attempt to Purchase”.

Sometimes I go right next to the barrier and I don’t see a vending machine but I can unlok it

That means the vending machine is not visible in game

you can use buttons, which are smaller, and just input the normal vending machine info into it
connect the buttons to the vending machines: “button pressed” → “attempt to purchase”

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use multiple buttons and stack them on top of each until you have the perfect area you want
cover it with a prop (preferably no collision) and ur pretty much just done