How to make a sliding mechanic

if you want to slide under something you can just make the object go away when you slide and then come back


What is that gray device?

great guide, but you coulde just make the prop be on the above layer so your character goes under the prop.

Wire repeater

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then I think you can just walk through it.

yes, but that would just look like crouching/crawling. this person is going for a more fast-paced approach (i assume)

yes, I am doing that

You can, but make an invisable barrier under it so when they wish to slide, barrier despawns.

isn’t that just more work?

Its accually less work. Just zones, barriers, and wires, nothing much.

Nice guide!

What are the wires like for the wires?

This is rad! I love it

This could also be used for sprinting.