How to make a simple upgrading system with only wires (🟩)

Most upgrading systems use channels, but there’s actually an easier way that uses just wires!
Step 1: Make a vending machine and set it to the item you want.
Screenshot 2023-11-04 1.19.25 PM
Step 2: Make an item granter, set what item you want to get rid of.
Screenshot 2023-11-04 1.22.01 PM
Step 3: Set the amount to -1 so the item will get taken away.
Screenshot 2023-11-04 1.21.41 PM
Step 4 (Final step): Connect it with a wire and set it to this configuration.

And you’re done!


Nice guide!


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It says “item grabber” in step two. It should say “Item granter”

Other than that good job!

Thanks for noticing the typo, I’ll fix it.

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