How to Make a Simple Tank! Difficulty: 0/10

Step 1: Take a rover from the props
Screenshot 2024-03-06 5.15.47 PM

Step 2: Add a metal sign on the side

Screenshot 2024-03-06 5.16.53 PM

Step 3: Add a metal pole and set it at any angle you like!
Screenshot 2024-03-06 5.17.31 PM

Hope this helped!

Good, but it’s a little short. Also, there are many guides just like this. It’s not really needed.


there should be a art tag

This is my first guide by the way. Sorry if it’s too short

Eh… short… and an art guide is usually 0/10

I added art and changed this to 0/10 as it’s not that hard
next time check if it exists and add more to it

yeah this guide is pretty short.
if you’d like to lengthen the guide, maybe show ways to make different kinds of tanks?
or even a super detailed tank out of props/barriers.
and if you have cool art ideas, you don’t have to make a guide on everything, maybe instead you could add it to this wiki?

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Screenshot 2024-03-06 5.29.52 PM
Like this?

eh, thats still just 3 props put together. maybe you could try making one from scratch without the space rover?

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Also, that doesn’t really look like a tank.
The forums are starting to have junk art guides, so when you post a art guide, be sure to to ask yourself: Is this going to be used?
Now, I think yours will be used a lot, but we would need A LOT
more details

I feel like this might be flagged for spam…

I’m trying to solve it but I can’t see the solution button

it’s a guide you can’t
I’ll move it to devices and then do it
oop thanks @GimSolver beat me to it

Guys, this is what we call a TANK
(this is also called using an hour of your time making tank treads)

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nice job on the wheels!
the top could be improved though

Yeah, good point. Should I make a guide on this, or would it be spam

here this is my criteria for a art guide

  1. practical uses
  2. looks nice
  3. took effort and explained well
  4. include tints
  5. unique from other guides

stuff like animation and inspiration for when to use


Maybe make a few more war vehicles and add them to this guide. After this it would be a complete guide

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