How to make a Simple laser door! Difficulty: 🟩 (2/10)

Hi, It’s me Average, and today I will show you how to make a fully functioning laser door!

Materials Needed:

• 2 Buttons
• Lasers (Doesn’t matter how many but I would recommend 3)

Step 1:

Build the structure you will put the laser door on:

Step 2:

Pull out however many lasers you are using,make them be on when game starts,and make them look like this:
Screenshot 2024-04-13 3.44.04 PM
( And Don’t Forget To change the laser scope to player!)
Screenshot 2024-04-13 3.44.50 PM

Step 3:

Pull Out 1 button and make it this size and also these settings:

Do the Same for the 2nd button except make the name activate laser door instead of deactivate laser door:
Screenshot 2024-04-13 3.52.04 PM

Step 4:

First, place the laser/lasers in the doorway leading inside/outside the structure:

Then, Place the deactivate laser button outside of the structure and the activate laser button on the inside like this:

Step 5:(The final Step!)

Now, All you want to do is place 3 wires with this command leading from the deactivate button to all the lasers:

then do the opposite with the other button like this:

Easy as that!
But one final thing:
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Simple enough, yet I never thought of this, nice guide

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Why’d you link Average’s guide?
I’m starting to believe that your a banspeedrunner after all, you just posted like 5 off topic posts in the device section

That was unnecessary

I think he might be tryna get a badge or smth

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Yeah that’s true but while he’s doing that, @conner1 is technically banspeedrunning by creating multiple off topic posts

we should get back on topic now thou

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ok im sorry i was just asking

i linked wrong post my bad

Agreed! It’s different from using a regular barrier that deactivates upon press because you are actually knocked out from the laser door.

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Nice guide! very detailed!

put a zone in the area of the lasers, then wire it to the lasers: “player enters Zone” —> “activate laser”, so even if they press the button, they d*e anyways… lol

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But cool guide!

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@Average You should probably set the poll to single choice. (Don’t worry, I did this myself)