How to Make a Shy Guy from Mario (Beginner terrain art)

I’m getting into the habit of making Mario terrain art guides, so here’s another!
Shy Guys are the little masked Mario characters… and people have wondered what is behind that mask.
Terrain needed:
Plastic (Red)
Metalic (Dark)
Dry Grass
Lab Floor (White)
Plastic (Blue)
First, start off with the outline with Metalic (Dark)

Next, on the same layer, fill in the main body with Plastic (Red)

Now, still on the same layer, use Plastic (Blue) for the shoes

On the same layer still, use Lab Floor (White) on the mask

Last, use Dry Grass for the band holding the mask on

And that’s how you make your you make a Shy Guy!
Hope you enjoyed this!

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You can’t really use this in a map, since it is just too big.

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maybe camera point device?

shy guy noise Great Guide!