How to make a Sherman Tank

Jeff Bezos, Behind me: “imagine not having the brand new unreleased M1 Abrams X”


um yeah give me some time to find it, i have it on a map, i might have deleted it though…

The barriers at the end of it need to have black outlines.

nice, maybe make a guide about it.

Be great if you made more military stuff like even military accessories for sentries

i can, but im not sure if guns are allowed. i will have to ask pharlain.

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not guns just like little cosmetics for them

oh armor and helmets, yeah i can make that sort of stuff. Or at least try.

Yeh that would be great

what would be the legality behind mounted machine guns

is there blood involved or are the machine guns very resemblant to the real ones?

Its basically a box with a barrel pointing out of it with shovels acting as “spade grips” it fires lasers that do damage (they are yellow). it vaguely resembles an M2

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it turns the lasers on and off rapidly to make it look like gunfire

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seems to not be too violent ;-;

That Tank looks Awesome!

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im all about code lol!

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Still no Panzerkampfwagen or Fokker. Sigh

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It does, if there isn’t any replies after the post that is being edited