How to make a sheikah slate! (teleportation from anywhere)

Although there are many guides about teleporters and what not, I couldn’t find any guides about what I have in mind. This guide is basically making a way to teleport to specific places from anywhere like the sheikah slate or Purah pad in the Zelda games.

Please note that any codes shown on this guide are INVALID

Table of contents:

  1. The hub

  2. On screen button

  3. Turn on function

Step one: The hub

Before anything else, you’ll need a place to choose where you’ll teleport.
Put any amount of teleporters you’d like to the locations you want.

Then put a central portal with visuals turned off and this:

Note: I didn’t really decorate my hub but you can do yours however you want!

Step two: on screen button

Now, this is where the unique part about this starts. unlike any ordinary hub, after this step you’ll be able to teleport into your hub from anywhere! :exploding_head:
To start, place down a game overlay device and copy the stuff below.

Easy, right?

Now that we’re done with the hub, we can move on to creating a system where you have to activate the portals at you choice locations to be able to access them in your hub!

Step three: Turn on function

For this guide, lets say that this is our teleporter in area 1


First, add a invisible barrier on the teleporter and a button somewhere to the side that says “open portal”.
Add these settings to the button;

Screenshot 2024-03-20 1.34.59 PM

Screenshot 2024-03-20 1.35.18 PM

And this to the barrier.


then, copy the barrier you made and put it over the portal in your hub!


That it! you’re done!

End result:
You should now have a working hub that you can access at any time, with portals that have to be turn on before you can use!

Tysm for reading my guide, hope you enjoyed it!

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nice guide!

I love Zelda stuff so thanks

Are you making a botw/totk game? If so that’s AWESOME! COMPLETELY AWESOME GUIDE TOO! I literally love Zelda!

I have like 150 hours combined on both games, lol. I feel like it’s a lot, but compared to my friends’ it’s nothing!

Same! I need to do something else lol

Well I’m not making a Zelda game ATM but that is a good future idea.

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me personally I have 75 on totk and like 290 on botw (I have to double check on botw tho)

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I kinda started but realized durability isn’t a thing, so I’m waiting and seeing if it one day becomes a thing.

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I have so many questions for you lol. Don’t wanna get off-topic though.


my friend, if you have questions I (probably) have awnsers

You can chat on the wix site if you know what that is!


@SirWyWy , you need to make the map of Hyrule for the sheikah slate with all of the shrines and towers and divine beasts

Good idea! I might do that if I ever attempt to make botw on gimkit.

zelda game automated teller machine

guys @lonewolf0230 @SirWyWy & @shinyrowlet pls stay on topic or go somewhere else to chat no hard feelings

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