How to make a sentry follow you (but doesnt kill you)

yea im new to this so i kinda need help :neutral_face:

This is not implemented at the moment. Suggest here

Well… you can’t make it follow you currently

well, can it move? cuz

Or move at all, due to the update i think

There used to be a way to make it move, but they patched this moving sentry bug.

To make it not kill you, just put it in a barrier

ok but im tring to make a zombie game so what do I use for the zombies?

you can’t do this but you can suggest it here,

kokokokok ill try to do that

Oh sorry @twofoursixeight, didn’t see your post.

what do i use for the zombies then?

sentry’s are the only thing you can use i think

:neutral_face: wowowowowowoowowowow but i cant

hit the limit?

Best you can do is make an infection map with tag zone and have players chase each other.

To evade the 20 character limit, you can put letters in between <>

but its a solo game…

Yeah I’m not sure what you can do. Sorry

ok welp i gues no zombie games wait… cant I make the sentry appear after each wave and not make it move?