How to make a semi truck

So you want to make a semi truck, ey? Welp here a way to do so!

What you will need:

• 2 Stadium Ad Base

• Eight barriers (the device not the prop)

• (Optional) One Metal pole

Finished product:

The trailer

Firstly, place your ad base and enlarging it to a decently big size

Secondly, get your two barriers and turn it into a circle, remove the border on it, and color it gray or black.

Finally, place the metal pole shown in the picture below. Make sure the metal pole is below the ad base.

The truck

Continuing on with the trailer, First remove the metal pole and replace with a circle barrier colored black (no border)

Now place a barrier with no border (color is your choice) as shown in the picture below:

Secondly, place two barriers the same color as the one before (no border) as shown:

Third, place a blue barrier (device not prop) shown in the picture below. Make sure the blue barrier is on top of all the other barriers. Place the wheels as shown. Make sure they are below everything else.

Lastly, add the ad base under everything else and place a metal pole.

And you should be done! The truck is yours!
This is my first guide so please give me any feedback so I can improve!


nice trailer guide, but could you make a truck?

Very well done! Nice!


I might because I would be a good sequel to this guide.

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someone has made a truck

i like it i might use it in a map for displays

Can you add windows and a door to it? :thinking:

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Just a warning, this’ll get flagged mainly because it has like four props, but I think it’s a nice guide!

maybe add rims to the tires and bit of gimkit branding to the side of the trailer?


This could be good to make a semi truck too! Nice guide! It’s a little short, but it’s pretty good.


I would suggest you add more detail to the trailer… other than that, pretty good!

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nice guide @VicVic_Nguyen!

Nice one for your first guide! However, here are some tips:

  1. Add more detail. Right now it just looks kind of bland. Maybe add a window?
  2. Add other builds. (Truck, car, etc.)
  3. I know you said the trailer is customizable, so you could add other options.
  4. Add an intro. (this can be used for, etc)
  5. Make sure to turn off the shadow on the stadium ad base!

Other than that, great guide!

this looks great! however, always remember when making an art guide, ask yourself:

hehe, not me quoting myself

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Ngl this is too short
Possibly change the trailer into a specific category and turn this guide into an ultimate one.

to me it was useful. and I actually used it in my game.

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I’ve expanded the guide from just a trailer to a full on semi truck. Send me feedback!

nice @VicVic_Nguyen!