How to make a secret bookshelf entrance (🤏 Mini-Guide)

This is sorta like a recolor of
but let’s get started.
First, make your wall of bookshelves like any other ordinary library.

Next, put a hidden button under or in front (if right in front, make sure it is not visible on game start.)
Next, wire the button to the bookshelves and Button Pressed > Hide Prop

Finally, just put whatever you want behind the books and have fun!


@GimSolver Nice guide! But I would recommend putting Mini guide in the title since this guide is kind of short.


Nice guide @GimSolver!

Using this in my escape room!

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All regulars, can you make a tag for escape room? @Haiasi

No I want one for my other topic and I will make a guide with all of those guides. And I will make sure all the other guides that fit will use the tag. @Haiasi Pls can you do it for the forums? It deserves #escape-room


Cool guide!

BUMP for secret entrances!