How to make a seconds survived leaderboard only causing for knockouts?

I decided to make the 10 hours of my life searching for the survived leaderboard for knockouts a waste of time since there’s no one who made that guide.

So how do i make a seconds survived on a leaderboard?

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maybe edit this guide a little if needed

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can you please elaborate on what you want?

That’s for tagging, tho…

oh! sorry, i was just looking for a general idea

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On snowy survival, you get this “Seconds Survived” leaderboard and the cursed’s timer won’t even work and the others work.

My game is cooperative, so i want the game to make a seconds survived leaderboard for everyone. When someone gets knocked out, their timer stops.

Wait, i don’t remember putting the “knockouts FROM sentries” thing. I’ll remove it

Wait, since your game is on cooperative, when do you want the timer to stop since player’s can’t die other than laser beams?
What is the certain condition?

Players can die from:

  • Laser beams
  • Sentries

Go to map options. There you can change everything including if you want a property or not. You don’t need to spend 10 hours lol.

u can use a repeater to incrment and counter hich updates a property. When player die stop repeater? Somethign like that?

This shouldn’t be hard. Triggerloop. Connect a counter-property to the triggerloop, so the counter is incremented on the triggerloop finishing a cycle. Then place a lifecycle or KO manager, whichever one has “on player knocked out”. Wire it to the triggerloop, so when the player is knocked out, one of the triggers is deactivated for THEM ONLY (player scope), ending the loop. Set the leaderboard to the property. You’re done! Hope this helped, and feel free to ask any questions!

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I can try it if it works and if it does I can make a guide for you.

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@FersionSpeedy I think I found a way to make it, I will make a guide for you!

Here, I made a guide for you!

Also there are other guides

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